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Chairman driver

Release time:2020-10-26Number:1Address:Qingpu District, Shanghai

1. Have 5-10 years of actual driving experience and skilled driving skills;

2. Have driving experience for company executives, do not smoke or drink;

3. No bad driving records, no major accidents and traffic violations, and a strong sense of safety;

4. Understand business reception etiquette, have a certain sense of service, and veterans are preferred;

5. Good character, high emotional intelligence; strong sense of confidentiality, strong sense of responsibility, able to adapt to overtime, and accept business trips.

Contact: Manager Chen 18816997595 0512-62995535-0

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financial director

Release time:2020-10-26Number:1Address:Suzhou Industrial Park

1. Fully responsible for IPO financial strategy formulation, strategic investment and financing valuation, pricing, transaction arrangements and related management;

2. Organize the establishment of enterprise accounting system, related accounting and management systems, and promote enterprise accounting to conform to national policies and meet the interests of enterprises;

3. Participate in the analysis and decision-making of important matters of the company, and provide financial analysis and decision-making basis for the company's production and operation, business development and foreign investment;

4. Regularly review the company's financial statements and other related documents and materials, and fully control the company's financial status;

5. Formulate the company's capital operation plan, supervise the capital management report and budget and final accounts;

6. Lead the company's listing preparation and overall management of the company's financial work for listing;

7. All external connections and internal management before listing.

job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance, economics, management and other related majors, and CPA qualifications are preferred;

2. At least 3 years of listed company preparation and operation management experience;

3. Familiar with national financial policies, corporate financial systems and procedures, computerized accounting, and proficient in relevant fiscal and tax laws and regulations;

4. Possess comprehensive knowledge and capabilities such as strategic investment or financing analysis, project negotiation, and resource integration;

5. Possess strong cost management, risk control and financial analysis capabilities;

6. Have excellent leadership skills, good organizational management skills, public relations skills and teamwork spirit, and can withstand greater work pressure.

Contact: Manager Chen 18816997595 0512-62995535-0

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Sales Manager

Release time:2020-10-26Number:3Address:Suzhou Industrial Park

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the implementation of the sales plan of the company's 3D construction technology project, complete the established sales target and collect and contact project customers;

2. Responsible for customer business negotiations of the company's projects, customer visits and receptions and on-site project explanations, follow up with potential customers including district governments to complete the signing and settlement, and follow up the settlement of subsequent project construction;

3. Responsible for the development of various types of customers (government platform companies at all levels, industrial parks, highway construction, coastal rivers, global anti-epidemic protection devices, various mobile cabins, water conservancy landscapes, public facilities, comprehensive service booths) negotiation, signing and closing After-sales and construction landing;

4. Adapt to national business trip;

5. Including but not limited to sales models such as telephone, face-to-face interviews, comprehensive negotiations, video explanations, and speeches.

6. Strictly implement the company's relevant policies and work standards, procedures, maintain the company's image and interests, and do not accept bribes;


1. Love sales work, have passion and goals;

2. Good market communication and coordination ability, anti-stress ability and execution ability;

3. There is no ranking of seniority, as long as you have a certain understanding of learning ability and love 3D technology, you will have your stage;

4. Those with construction materials, 3D construction industry or related work experience are preferred, and aspiring outstanding fresh graduates are also welcome.

Contact: Manager Chen 18816997595 0512-62995535-0

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Vice President of Marketing

Release time:2020-10-26Number:1Address:Suzhou Industrial Park

1. According to market changes, make market and commercial positioning, commercial packaging and planning plans for enterprise products that conform to the market environment;

2. According to the company's strategy, be responsible for formulating the overall sales plan and marketing strategy, decomposing and implementing and forming corresponding strategies, goals and specific implementation plans;

3. Able to combine the characteristics of the company's products, design a scientific cooperation model and price strategy according to customer purchase needs, and adopt appropriate research strategies

4. Responsible for supervising, assessing, and evaluating the various tasks of subordinate departments to improve overall work efficiency;

5. Responsible for resource integration of upstream and downstream business channels and platform investment introduction;

6. Training of sales and marketing personnel and control and analysis of various expenses;

7. Regularly report work progress and other matters.


1. 32-48 years old, major in marketing management

2. In charge of market development and management with more than 5 years of experience. Have certain customer resources

3. Excellent strategic thinking and execution ability, keen market insight, rigorous analysis ability and excellent crisis handling ability, strong communication skills, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

Contact: Manager Chen 18816997595 0512-62995535-0

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Assistant to the chairman

Release time:2020-10-26Number:1Address:Suzhou Industrial Park

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the chairman of the board in handling daily affairs and liaison and coordination with various functional departments, and do a good job of distributing the situation;

2. Do a good job in the organization of various office meetings and important activities, be responsible for the recording, drafting, and release of meetings, and supervise the implementation of meeting resolutions;

3. Responsible for the chairman's official document handling, registration and filing management of related documents;

4. Master the chairman's schedule and make appointments and arrange business trips;

5. Assist the chairman of the board in business reception;

6. Complete other tasks assigned.


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in law and business management is preferred.

2. Good professional image, master basic business etiquette, good at official document writing, and efficient document processing ability;

3. Good professionalism and professional ethics, able to withstand certain pressure

Contact: Manager Chen 18816997595 0512-62995535-0

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Work address:(Near Dongfang Avenue) No.1, Jingu Road, Suzhou Industry Park

Tel:18816996190 Miss Fang, Personnel Department